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Single user Solutions

The Edit-Way program was specifically designed to provide the operator with an easy-to-use and fast optimization system directly on board the machine for exceptional cases or for anything that cannot and must not go through the office for order processing or cutting optimization.

This can be used for manual sheet creation and for optimized pattern editing coming from integrated optimization tools or from office Opty-Way or Opty-Way Enterprise optimization programs.

Loading and Manual Editing of Optimization Results Sheet Mirroring

Crosscut Mirroring

Copy / Paste functions with clipboard support

Add / Delete of selected item(s)

Shape Mirroring and Shape Linking Automatic Functions

Sheet Sorting and Re-ordering

Re-Optimization from Specific Sheet

XYZ Crosscut Mode Sheet Creation

Master Database of Stock Glass Products

Cutting List Import of ASCII, XLS and CSV file format

Master Database of Cutting Glass Products

Approx. 350 standard shapes

DXF / DWG Import and Export

Optimization Results Printout

Label Designer (Label-Way) and Printout

Link to Cutting Table (creation of CNC code)