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GMC-Way IG-In and GMC-Way IG Out are Control Stations installed at the Line Entry and at the Line Exit of an automatic IG production Line. All necessary information is displayed and transferred to the Server to know the real-time production situation and Glass location.

At line entry, Production Rack Information, B.O.M., and Shape Data on a full Graphic Customizable environment are displayed. By pressing Footswitch, Button Switch or via Barcode Scanners, all information is transferred from the Check Point to the Server. At the Line Exit, via Barcode, Delivery Rack Assignment and Packing Slips can be assigned and printed.

Visualization of Office Prepared Batches Fabrication

List for IG line

Visualization of B.O.M. and Working Process

List in Assembling Sequence

Visualization of Production Rack Position of each IG

Glass Side (up to triple IG Supported)

Graphic visualization of Shapes, Low-E Side, Gas Filling

Optional creation of CNC code for networked production lines

Complete Batch or Single Units by Footswitch

Local IG Label Printout

ustomizable Grid Settings

Barcode Assignment of Rack Allocation of completed IG Unit

Printing of Complete Rack allocation of selected Batch

Printing of Packing Slips by Batch or Delivery Rack