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catalog of integrated solutions


Optima offers the most complete range of software products for glass manufactures divided into Desktop solutions, for a use by a single-user, and Enterprise Family, a Client / Server solutions based over SQL database.

The range of Products offered move from optimization systems for glass cutting, in which we propose solutions designed to be used at office and solutions developed for the use on the machine, differentiating them by cutting for the Monolithic glass and cutting for Laminated glass, CAD/CAM system for three-axis working centers with built-in parametric shape library module for the realization of simple figure up to complex temperate doors, nesting optimization systems for water-jet cutting up to ERP solutions specifically designed for the glass industry with integrated management of advanced production planning and production tracking via Barcode or RFID tags.

ERP System
Client/Server product family based over Microsoft SQL Database for the integrated management of glassworks activities.

Client / Server product modules for the managing, tracking, traceability and supervising of the production.

Optimization Tools
Optimization Algorithms modules integrated on all Optima Client/Server and desktop solutions.

Single User Solutions
Desktop solutions for the cutting of monolithic and laminated glass designed to be used at office or directly at Numeric control PC Station.

Drawing Systems
CAD\CAM Drawing Modules, Parametrical Shape Library and Image Vectorization tools for Desktop and Client/Server solutions.

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