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TV-Way is a break-out display software which runs directly on the cutting table console or on a separate PC at the cutting table (the same PC can be used where Edit-Way is installed if equipped with a double video card output). On a large screen monitor installed in front of the break-out table operator, the graphic optimization display has a true-to-scale format.

By using a pedal switch or through automatic synchronization (if available) with cutting table NC software, the proper sheet is automatically displayed. No printouts of cutting plans are necessary.

True Scale Display of Optimization Result on Break-out Table

Graphic Display of Shapes

Configurable view of data to display (Size, Customer, Order, Rack)

Configurable color settings

Full Plate View mode and Crosscut View Mode

Graphic display of glass defects (spots)

Manual change of cutting plan via footswitch

Automatic synchronization with NC cutting table (where available)

Automatic Sheet by Sheet Label Printing Function

Automatic Synchronization with Re-OPT (as an Opty-Way Enterprise add-on)

Automatic confirmation of sheet pieces (as an Opty-Way Enterprise add-on)

Online Transfer of CNC code for Cutting Machine