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Bars-Way is a Geo-Way Add-on available only for the Opty-Way Enterprise program.
It’s useful for Insulating Glass manufacturer who produces English Style Windows (Georgian Bars). The system can compute all production data such as cutting length of each single bar, spacer drilling position, edge key distance and all pricing calculations according to customer price lists (by Cell number, Crossing Number, Bar Length), with adjustable surcharges in case of complex shapes. Drilling information can be sent to Spacer Bender or Assembling machines.


  • 70 type of predefined parametrical shapes
  • Adjustable X and Y Grid Division for Bars Positioning
  • Fixed Bars Positioning or Equal Cells Calculation Mode
  • True Scale Display of Windows, Spacer, Sealant and Bars
  • Product De nition with Type of Crossing and Milling Setting Management
  • True scale Printout
  • B.O.M. List with Price Calculation with Opty-Way Enterprise Professional
  • Bar Limit or axis limit bars sizing
  • Spacer Sizing for manual cutting
  • Symmetrical or asymmetrical grids
  • Calculation of cutting angle for shape grids


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