What is Industry 4.0

Factories always more digital and interconnected: this is the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)

In order to be more competitive in the global market, companies need to collect and examine their sales and production data more precisely and centralized.
The digitization of processes, the interconnection between software and production plants and the “always-connected” concept are some of founding principles of the so called “Smart Factory”. The information flow from sales office to production via email, calls, fax and a lot of papers slow down the process and frequently creates incomprehension, with resulting in a loss of competitiveness.

Companies needs more and more to automate and monitor production processes in real-time and, with this view, the software plays a crucial role in communication and integration between different type of system of a glassworks: from cutting lines, to assembler, passing through working centers, tempering fournaces and so on.

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