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Cam-Way is a parametric module for 2.5-axis machining operations, specially developed for the glass and marble sector. Through CAM-Way we can fully manage Working Cycles, Machining Operation and Tool master data, Lead-in/Lead-out modes, Machining Kits, Fixing and Positioning Device Management via Database for easy use.

CAM-Way can automatically recognize internal and external pro les and holes inside drawings. The Machining Operation association to the detected pro le is very easy, by a simple drag & drop of the cycle to the pro le or group of pro les. Geo-Way parametric shape library and Door-Way Libraries are included on the package.


  • Grinding, Drilling, Milling and Grooving Management
  • Automatic Profile and Drilling Detection
  • Manual Editing of Detected Profiles
  • Easy application of edgework on existing profiles (Drag and Drop)
  • Suction cap List and type definition
  • Reference List and type definition
  • Lead In / Out List and type definition
  • Tool List
  • Edgework Macro Management
  • Parametrical Shape Library with more than 300 parts
  • DXF / MDF / DAT / CAL / DRF / DSG / SAG import function
  • Customizable Report Designer
  • Output of CAM-DXF format
  • NC Creation of any kind of 3-axis working center


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