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Geo-Way is the Optima’s powerful parametrical shape library module with more than 400 prede ned shapes available. To make a shape using Geo-Way are not needed any special CAD knowledge because every single prototype in the library can be used quite easily as a rectangular part, just select the desired shape model and enter the requested dimensions.

Geo-Way is a true scale display program so every time a parameter is changed the shape at the screen will be automatically adjusted according so it’s easy to see eventual data entry errors. The shape box trims, if and where needed, are calculated according to the glass thickness and automatically added to cutting dimensions.


  • Shape library with more than 400 prototypes
  • Shape Nesting function (X and Y series)
  • Minimum Box fitting function
  • Automatic Cutting Path Calculation
  • Manual Cutting Path definition
  • Display of Cutting Path and Stop Points
  • Delete Entity and Delete Entity Part Functions
  • Automatic Trim function
  • External Path Offset Function
  • Starting Point Display of each continuous profile
  • X & Y Scale, Mirroring and Rotation functions
  • Outgoing Tangent or Perpendicular Cut management
  • Definition of Drill Holes and Notches
  • Drawing Entity Information Sidebar
  • Fillet and Chamfer trim functions
  • DXF and DWG Import and Export
  • True Scale Shape Printout
  • Creation of CNC code for processing center NC


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