Monitoring of Production Plant


TV-Way is a display software that show, on a large screen monitor installed in front of the break-out table operator, the graphic optimization display has a trueto- scale format. This product allows the elimination of paper supports, speeding up the step of glass breakout, avoiding downtime.

TV-Way also can be used to support the operation of the combined cutting lines, if integrated with the Optistrato module for the interactive management of the laminated glass cutting


  • True Scale Display of Optimization Result on Break-out Table
  • Graphic Display of Shapes
  • Configurable view of data to display (Size, Customer, Order, Rack)
  • Configurable color settings
  • Full Plate View mode and Crosscut View Mode
  • Graphic display of glass defects (spots)
  • Manual change of cutting plan via footswitch
  • Automatic synchronization with NC cutting table (where available)
  • Automatic Sheet by Sheet Label Printing Function
  • Automatic Synchronization with Re-OPT (as an Opty-Way Enterprise add-on)
  • Automatic confirmation of sheet pieces (as an Opty-Way Enterprise add-on)


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