Dynamic Optimization Modules


Defect-OPT is a dynamic optimization system, available as an additional module of Re-OPT, able to exclude areas recognized as defective by the GlassInspector scanner manufactured by Deltamax and usually placed between the Crane Loader and the Cutting Table.

In case of presence of defects, Line Manager (the supervisor of the cutting line) acquire the map of defects, suspend the cutting of the sheet and thanks to the Re-OPT module, proceeds with its re-optimization excluding the areas defective and send the new plate the cutting table, which will resume the execution of the current program. This module allows a big waste reduction and a total automation of the cutting line.


  • Integrated with Line Manager and Optima ERP Opty-Way Enterprise
  • Can read defects from VIPROTON and Deltamax scanners
  • Graphical display of defects positions
  • Automatic Stop of cutting Line in case of defects recognition
  • Online Re-optimization with exclusion of defects area
  • Take into account eventual sorted rack optimization (Rack-Way)
  • Very low yield rate
  • Automatic transfer of new ISO file to cutting line Numeric Control
  • Traceability of defects position on Opty-Way Enterprise Stock Database
  • Avoids treatment of windows already defective
  • Real quality control on the product delivered from suppliers
  • Historicizes defects into a central SQL database
  • Detailed Production Statistics


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