HMI User Interface


NC-Way specifically designed for glass cutting table manufacturers. It’s easy to use powerful and fully integrated with Optima’s other single user applications like Edit-Way, Geo-Way, Cad-Way, TV-Way and office optimizers Opty-Way or Opty-Way Enterprise ERP.

It’s basically the HMI of the cutting table user interface where all the necessary basic features, like Parameters Management, PLC / NC Messages Display and Cycles Management, are available. NC-Way is specifically designed for manufacturers of cutting table and can be easily customized according to the customer needs and machine functionality. It can be connected to several types of different numeric controls.


  • Loading of optimization made from office (Opty-Way)
  • Loading of optimization made from local Edit-Way
  • Customizable Machine Cycles Management
  • Display of XYZ axis position and cutting table Head position
  • Display of Numeric Control Messages and Alarms
  • History of previous Warnings and Errors
  • Machine Speed Management with automatic change according to radius
  • Cutting Head Pressure Management for Straight and Shape Cutting according to glass thickness
  • Editing of Numeric Control Parameters
  • Display of PLC Inputs and Outputs Status
  • Double Zero Management for Laminated Glass Cutting
  • Automatic sizing function by Sheet position laser detection (3-point digitalization)
  • Shape Scanner function for Template Laser Detection
  • Automatic Glass Thickness Detection Function
  • Automatic Label Printing and Applying function
  • Low-E Tools Management


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