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Nest-Way is a module for the automatic nesting of regular and/or shaped figures with a direct link to automatic cutting systems, like Waterjet NC machines. Thanks to its extreme versatility, Nest-Way can also be used outside the glass sector.

Nest-Way’s calculation algorithm produces optimum results in very short processing times. Nest-Way is a tool that not only significantly reduces waste and the subsequent high disposal cost, but also decreases data entry errors as well as processing and cutting times.


  • Stock of fixed-size or CAD drawing-based free-size materials
  • Automatic selection of sizes generating the lowest waste
  • Size and piece priority and preference
  • Piece placement start corner and best direction
  • Drawing accuracy tolerance
  • Piece rotation and mirror
  • Minimum distance between pieces
  • Cutting tool thickness
  • Placement of pieces inside inner islands
  • Piece lead-ins and lead-outs
  • Recognition of unusable areas
  • Additional parameters to customize cutting management
  • Graphics editor to modify cutting plans
  • Material waste utilization
  • Cutting path generation
  • Full result printout
  • Integrated with all Optima software programs


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