Optimization Programs


Opty-Way is a simple tool for optimization planning usually installed in the office. Opty-Way can import data form external ERP and is optionally capable to drive more than one cutting table from different manufacturers with specific restrictions. It is also capable to drive additional IG Spacer benders.

Opty-Way is mainly designed for optimization of single and IG glass (simple IG organization is possible with Harp Rack system). In combination with Geo-Way or Cad-Way, parametrical or free shapes can be supported too. High quality Optimization and Label printout according to cutting sequence is also available.


  • Manual Data Entry with Single, Double or Triple Insulating Glass Management
  • Orders Portfolio Management with Optimization selection by customizable filter
  • Master Database of Stock Glass Products with Offcut Management
  • Master Database of Cutting Glass Products
  • Cutting List Import of ASCII, XLS and CSV file format
  • Order, Customer and Batch Grouping Function
  • High Efficiency Optimization Algorithm designed exclusively for Glass production (Opty-Way Module)
  • - More than 90 algorithms for best optimization result
  • - Basic / Standard / Full optimization Mode for Monolithic Glass
  • - Specific Optimization Mode for Laminated Glass Cutting Tables
  • - Priority and Preference Management
  • - Standard Piece Management (Fillers)
  • - Automatic Sheet Reduction Function
  • - IG Spacer Linear Optimization
  • - Insulating Glass Pair Optimization
  • - Excess Piece Management
  • - Glass Pieces Size Tolerance Management
  • - Tool Thickness Management for cutting with Saw
  • - Optimization Sheet Reduction Function
  • - Automatic Crosscut Displacing Function
  • Insulating Glass Aluminum Spacer Linear Optimization
  • Automatic Offcut Loading and Re-Optimization
  • - Automatic Crosscut Displacing Function
  • Low_Edge deletion and TPF graphical display on Shapes (Geo-Way Option)
  • Shape Mirroring and Shape Linking Automatic Functions (Geo-Way Option)
  • Approx. 350 standard shapes available on the shape library (Geo-Way Option)
  • Post-Optimization Sheet Editor (Edit-Way Module)
  • Label Printing (Label-Way Module)
  • High definition Customizable Optimization Printout
  • Link to Cutting Table (creation of NC code)
  • Link to Spacer bender (creation of bending sequence)


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