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Scan-Way is a software designed to acquire a template (up to 4 x 3 m) using a re ex digital camera. It’s very useful in case of cutting of several wood, plastic or paper templates because is much faster and easier than a laser installed on the cutting table or working center machine and doesn’t affect the regular production flow.

Output created is in DXF format so the acquired shapes can be easily exported to other CAD/CAM programs or ERP’s and used for Glass Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, and CNC Grinding / Milling. Thanks to good camera quality and a 3×2 m reference grid, error is usually less than 1 mm.


  • Import of BMP, JPEG, and TIF raster formats
  • Image movement, scaling, rotation, mirror and zoom operations
  • Smooth, contrast and reduction in Black & White
  • Management of color images
  • Vectorization quality Parameters
  • Automatic tracking of the selected profile
  • Polyline processing graphic management
  • Conversion of polylines into tangent arcs and segments
  • Automatic reference point detection for reference size definition
  • Orthogonality and circumference recognition
  • Removal of lens distortion
  • Template thickness correction
  • Special commands for calibrating and straightening images
  • Direct Acquisition of Image from Digital Camera
  • Output in DXF and in several other formats used by Optima modules


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