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Cad-Way is a complete 2D CAD Drawing System speci cally designed for glass sector and can be installed as an additional module of our optimization tools and ERP programs or as a stand-alone program. Even if the Geo-Way parametrical library can cover most regular shapes, Cad-Way could be useful for cutting of irregular shapes (like automotive cutting) or when production is based on various shapes and, frequently, when customers supply the DXF and DWG for which some changes and minor corrections are needed.

If CAD-Way is installed directly onboard of a cutting table equipped with a laser function is also capable to load digitalized points through the Shape Scanner function and create the external pro le of the copied template.


  • Easy free construction of complex shapes
  • Utilization of all graphic primitives
  • Access to predefined parametrical catalog (Geo-Way Module)
  • Connection to digitizing tables
  • Definition of Drill Holes and Notches
  • True Type Fonts Management with Outline Conversion
  • Management of layers, groups and symbols
  • Sizing Management
  • Wide range of control, assistance and check tools
  • Starting Point Display of each continuous profile
  • X & Y Scale, Mirroring and rototranslation functions
  • DXF and DWG Input and Output
  • Quick processing functions on drawings
  • Creation of CNC code for processing center machines


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