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Doors-Way is an easy-to-use tool for creating and managing shower doors. Doors-Way it’s typically combined, and fully integrated, with Cad-Way and / or others optimization tools like Edit-Way or Opty-Way and Opty-Way Enterprise ERP and it’s an extension of the Geo-Way shape library module.

Starting from a prede ned list of Doors and Notches templates, the user can easily add, remove or move a notch and save the nal result as a new template on the library. Notches are automatically snapped to the end, center or a prede ned distance from one of these snap points of each entity of the external pro le and are automatically adjusted when it changes. By using this simple and well-known user interface, we can enter programming rapidly to reduce preparation time and increase productivity.


  • Basic parametric Door Shapes to draw the rectangular or out-of-square doors
  • 100 types of composite doors that can be superimposed on the Doors-Way
  • Wide range library of parametrical Notches
  • DXF and DWG import le format for Notch Management and Insertion
  • Custom Prototypes Library Management
  • Bill of Material Connection (when an Opty-Way Enterprise add-on)
  • Parameter settings for machining operation positioning
  • Hardware insertion, replacement and deletion management
  • Automatic Snap to the center and endpoint of any entity
  • Mirror and Rotation functions for Notch
  • CAM-DXF Output to Working Center NC Equipment
  • Creation of CNC code for processing center NC


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